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Salmon Kitchari

Recipe for Salmon Kitchari

Salmon With A Side of Kitchari


2 skin-on salmon filets, 5oz each

Pinch of Kosher salt per side

½ tsp. of coarse blackpepper per salmon, flesh side

Olive Oil


Fresh lemon juice

1 tsp. of chopped chives per salmon


handful of potato chips

Thin Slices of Thai bird Chili


  1. Completely dry off any excess moisture on both sides of the salmon. Season with salt on both sides and pepper on flesh side only.
  2. Heat pan on high heat until shimmering so that the fish doesn’t stick to the pan
  3. Place skin side down, pressing lightly against the flesh for maximum surface contact. Reduce heat to medium
  4. Cook for about 7 minutes lightly applying pressure to the filet. Flip to cook flesh side for a couple of minutes – feel free to cook for longer if you like your salmon well done.
  5. Remove from pan and plate with skin side up and a sprinkle of chives. Serve with a side of kitchari flavor of your choice and a pop of fresh lemon juice
*veg enlarged for visual purposes
*veg enlarged for visual purposes

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