Feed Your Need,
Find Your Balance,
Just Like a
Dancing Elephant



is a powerful combination of mung bean lentils, grains and warming and cooling spices. A staple of the Ayurvedic diet, Kitchari (meaning “mixture”) offers accessibility to all doshas (an individual's unique constitution). Each ingredient is purposefully added and combined in the right quantities to deliver maximum benefit and balanced flavor profiles. Enjoy all the Flavor of Kitchari in under half the time with Dancing Elephants premixes.

yellow split mung lentils

Ayurveda literally means “sacred knowledge of life”

in the ancient language of Sanskrit, and it’s a way of looking at the whole you: your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state and how they affect each other and balance each other out.

Why The Dancing Elephant?


Woman-owned Business

Following in our Grandmas’ footsteps, we are a 100% mom owned and totally proud of it. In between meals, school, soccer and dance class, we brought “The Dancing Elephant” to life.


Everyday Ayurveda

As helpful as this philosophy is, there’s a lot to take in. We are breaking it down in bite-size portions so that you don’t have to. For us, its as simple as “Feed your need”.



Just like a Dancing Elephant. We all know how much easier it is to achieve balance when we are in good company and we believe that starts with your kitchen.

*veg enlarged for visual purposes
*veg enlarged for visual purposes

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